Remember When Sewing

  "If it uses thread, I can probably fix it.."

Who We Are

If resourcefulness had a face, it would be Karen Shiffert’s.  This talented woman is master of the disappearing art of sewing.  “If it uses thread, I can probably make or fix it!” is her mantra.  She is a beacon in our throw-away culture.


Lengthen or shorten hems?  No problem.  A custom cover with window and door openings for a sea boat?  Bring it on!  Wedding dresses, teddy bears, zippers, leatherwear, mending, gun cases, upholstery, pillows, camp gear, slip covers.  Yes, yes, yes!  One suspects that the plush furs of her cats are really custom coats stitched by their doting mistress.


At the turn of the century, Karen committed to caring for her husband, Don, who suffered from Parkinson’s.  Innovative thinking and an aching back evolved into her signature product line: assistive devices for moving those incapacitated.  Caregivers across the U.S. have purchased her Skid Seat® and Bed Sled® products, which enable ergonomic positioning and gliding.  Pet owners, too, have found her products useful. (


The lower level of Karen’s Indian Drive home contains a workshop with 15 sewing machines, each with distinct capabilities. Ribbons, binding, tape, thread, buttons, scissors and materials are arranged on and in bars, bins, boxes and tables. She is sole proprietor of her functional domain.


Karen, a Philly native, was a bookkeeper before moving to Lake Wynonah in 1994 and becoming a full-time caregiver.  Don passed away in 2013.  Karen continues to help other caregivers with her assistive products.  Her talent is a godsend for those looking for an excellent seamstress with a can-do attitude and an empathic ear.


Customers and friends enjoy Karen’s no-nonsense approach to life and her dry sense of humor.  She keeps them in stitches.

Why Us?

Unusual requests welcome.

          I can probably fix it! 

      Call me to discuss your project.  Sewing repairs, alterations, made new: Boat covers, leather goods, clothing, gowns, suits, upholstery, medical devices. Zippers, hems. .

Also  manufacturer of Skid Seat  and Bed Sled  repositioning devices for the infim. see